Baptisttown Community Research

Discovering and Recovering Baptisttown:

An Evansville African-American Community



Interactive Map of Baptisittown:  



Interactive Map!


Baptisittown Oral Histories and Media Projects: 



Life in Baptisttown- with Janice Hale, a resident of Baptisttown, Lincoln Garden, and Clerical/Tour Guide of the Evansville African-American Museum.


Segregation, Discrimination, Integration, Restoration With Mattie Miller, first African-American teacher of an all white school in Evansville and community advocate. 


Baptisttown Presentations:



  •  Welcome to Baptisttown!- This presentation will give you an overview of Baptisttown as you discover the area today!

  • The Black Presence in Downtown Evansville- This presentation gives you an overview of the African-American presence in downtown Evansville, Indiana from 1930-1950!

  •  A Glimpse of Business in Baptisttown- This presentation will give you an overview of some of the businesses in Baptisttown!

  • Cheat Sheet- for visitors that want a quick overview of area history! (click link)


BTI (Final)



Harrison High School-CFCO Bapisittown Project 



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