Lyles Station Bus Trip


Please Join Us!

 Evansville African American Museum’s 

 Bus trip to

 Historic  Lyles  Station!

 Saturday, June 26th

11:00 a. m. – 2:00 p. m.

 From C. K. Newsome Parking Lot

 For Tickets visit the museum 579 S. Garvin

Or call 423 -5188

 Members $5.00

Non-Members $10.00

 Lunch included

 Thanks for your patronage….


 Patty Avery                           Wendy Bredhold                                  Rick Davis

  Annie Groves                        David Mosby                                        Bob Deig

  Mary Hart                             Jonathan Weaver                                Alberta Matlock

 Stephen Melcher                                 Curt John                                 Dan Adams

                Troy Tornatta                       Connie Robinson                                                Mike Goebel

                Gail Reicken                         Eric Williams              John Friend

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