Museum Hours

Tuesday – Friday — 10:00am – 5:00pm

Saturday — 12:00pm – 5:00pm

special showings can be arranged by appointment

and events as scheduled

$5 for adults
$3 for children under 12

Our Mission

The mission of the Evansville African American Museum is to continually develop a resource and cultural center to collect, preserve, and educate the public on the history and traditions of African American families, organizations, and communities.

Our Vision

Located in Evansville, Indiana as the last remaining building of Lincoln Gardens, the second Federal Housing Project created under the administration of Franklin D. Roosevelt’s New Deal in 1938, our building serves as a permanent artifact in itself.

Our Museum

One section showcases life in the 1938 era. The remaining sections of the building have been renovated as a modern museum serving to promote arts and education programs, cultural events and festivals.

  • The museum showcases  local artists, traveling and permanent exhibits,and contributing citizens past and present.
  • The gallery serves as a “celebration center” for special events and meetings.
  • The museum serves as a tourist destination for organizations and groups visiting the city.
  • Revenue sources include membership contributions, grants, charitable gift legacies, admissions, facility rental, events, and a gift shop.
  • We will collaborate with other organizations to share the contributions of African Americans in the city of Evansville, in Indiana, the United States, and the world as we celebrate the contributions of African Americans.

The Evansville African American Museum is a place for meeting, learning, and discovery.

Member of the Association of African-American Museums and the Museum Alliance of Downtown Evansville.
Copyright 2006-2009, Evansville African American Museum, All rights reserved.



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